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When stability, along with latency, security, and bandwidth are at the forefront of the decision maker’s mind, then dark fiber may be the answer. Dark Fiber has higher capacity, better signal strength and is more immune to interference as well as a lot of benefits that will help you increase your connectivity, network efficiency and speed for your customers.

Our Dark fiber is the right decision for many of today’s  nfrastructure connectivity needs for the following reasons

Benefits of Dark Fiber

Dark fiber costs the same whether you intend to use 1Gb, 10Gb, or 100Gb.

You may run any protocol and any service. You may even choose to install your own multiplexing equipment and slice the fiber into multiple channels (generally 16 channels, but current off-the-shelf hardware allows for up to 160), each usable for 1GB, 10Gb, or 100Gb.

Public access telecommunications networks generally have multiple access points at various
nodes throughout the network, whereas dark fiber routes are accessible only at each of the two
endpoints of the fiber run.

Service may be upgraded as required by simply using higher performance equipment. Only three
things limit available bandwidth on dark fiber: Physics, current technology, and your budget.

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